Google & StopBadware Can Destroy Your Website Reputation

Malware is a problem but it seems that, these days, the cure is far more dangerous than the disease. As I write this article, my safe and secure website that I have run since the 1990s is still wrongfully blocked from Internet browsing, apparently thanks to an inaccurate malware warning by Google and partner organization StopBadware. And there is little anyone can do to prevent this needless “cyberdefamation” or “cyberlibel.” [Read more…]

The Complete Google Nexus 5 Review (LG D820)

Google upgraded their flagship Nexus 4 mobile phone this past week to the long awaited Nexus 5 (also known as the LG D820.) This new Android phone sports a gorgeous 5 inch high resolution screen, LTE and a startling low price ($349) for an unlocked cell phone. I was unable to find many glaring weaknesses with the Nexus 5, which runs Google’s new Android operating system called “Kit Kat.” In this comprehensive review, I’ll explain the strengths and weaknesses of the phone and whether the Google Nexus 5 is recommended, especially for attorneys and law school students. [Read more…]

Internet Brands v. Xenforo: A Lawyer’s Opinion

If you’re a webmaster running any type of social networking or community website, there is no doubt that you’ve already heard the news. Internet Brands, the owner and developer of the highly popular vBulletin forum software, has commenced a lawsuit in the UK against several former employees who are about to release a highly touted competitive product – Xenforo. As of the moment, the best information available comes direct from the vBulletin customer support forum. In short, Internet Brands alleges that employment agreements have been breached and copyright infringement and unfair competition has ensued. Legitimate claim or underhanded attempt to stifle a competitor’s big day out of the gate? [Read more…]

Patent Lawsuit Against American Idol’s SMS Voting

The New York Daily News reported that a Texas retiree, Edward Lyda, has sued hit TV show, American Idol, in New York State Supreme Court. Lyda apparently claims that American Idol “ripped off” his idea about using live audience voting using SMS in a television show, which is allegedly patented. [Read more…]

Apple iPad Flouts Trademark Infringement – What’s Next?

Either the arrogance at Apple has greatly exceeded that at Microsoft at its peak or I should be sending in my resume to Cupertino with all due haste. Apparently Apple decided to launch its iPad product without regard or care for existing trademarks that may have been filed in the United States. Apparently Fujitsu filed in 1993 for the iPad trademark for a “HAND-HELD COMPUTING DEVICE FOR WIRELESS NETWORKING IN A RETAIL ENVIRONMENT” and you can find the Fujitsu iPad product brochure here. Apple apparently sent a letter in opposition to this trademark for undisclosed reasons (rumors are afloat that it is under the doctrine of “divine right.”) [Read more…]

AT&T permits VOIP, Skype, Google Voice on iPhone

Today AT&T released the news that it will permit the use of VOIP (Voice Over IP) programs to utilize its 3G network via the iPhone. Previously, applications such as Skype and Google Voice were limited to WiFi-only and not permitted to use the 3G data network. This decision comes at an important time when AT&T and other carriers are being scrutinized by the Federal Communications Commission for control they exert over devices and applications allowed on their networks. [Read more…]

Why the iPhone 3GS has Bad Battery Life

After performing some detailed testing and replacing the iPhone 3GS with a new unit, it seems conclusive – Apple’s “weak” battery is sufficient for most tasks but the 3.0.1 operating system is the cause of serious battery drain. Yes, the battery size is a minute change from its predecessor, a poor choice of style over substance. But the real problem is the iPhone OS, version 3.0. I’ll elaborate as to why a day does not go by where I return home with my phone’s battery above the 40-50% mark. [Read more…]

Apple iPhone 3GS Review: Bad for Business?

If you’re considering buying the Apple iPhone 3GS or any iPod or related product – especially for business purposes – you’ll definitely want to read this essential article. I was one of the fortunate people to receive a brand new 32GB iPhone 3GS at a discount price. It arrived within a week from placing my order via overnight mail from AT&T. I was excited at the proposition of perusing the 60,000+ state of the art iPhone applications! After getting beyond the glamorous surface and still enjoying a great user experience, I’ve found several surprises that might affect your understanding of the iPhone. [Read more…]

Congress Taps Into Steroids, now Apple iPhone

As if it wasn’t enough for Congress to be wasting its time and spending millions in taxpayer dollars to fight the war for professional sports leagues against steroids. Now four members of Congress have decided to call for an investigation into whether AT&T should be able to have an exclusive agreement with Apple for distrubution of the iPhone and use on its network. I’m unaware that our Constitution provides for the right to have an iPhone on any carrier of one’s choosing. [Read more…]