The Complete Google Nexus 5 Review (LG D820)

Google upgraded their flagship Nexus 4 mobile phone this past week to the long awaited Nexus 5 (also known as the LG D820.) This new Android phone sports a gorgeous 5 inch high resolution screen, LTE and a startling low price ($349) for an unlocked cell phone. I was unable to find many glaring weaknesses with the Nexus 5, which runs Google’s new Android operating system called “Kit Kat.” In this comprehensive review, I’ll explain the strengths and weaknesses of the phone and whether the Google Nexus 5 is recommended, especially for attorneys and law school students. [Read more…]

Montana Legalizes Salvaging Roadkill

Let’s say you’re driving on the road to the Catskills and accidentally strike an animal or find a dead deer by the side of the road. What would you do? When you grow up in New York City, the last thing on your mind would be to take it away and skin it or eat it. But in Montana, there is a much different perspective. The legislature has just passed a bill that legalizes the salvage of certain types of roadkill. [Read more…]

MIA Responds to $1.5 Million Claim for Super Bowl Obscenity

M.I.A., the outspoken English-Sri-Lankan rapper has responded to a report that the National Football League (NFL) filed a $1.5 claim last year with the American Arbitration Association as a result of her Super Bowl XLVI antics.  During the 2012 Super Bowl halftime show featuring Madonna and Nicki Minaj, Mathangi “MIA” Arulpragasam flipped her middle finger to the camera while mouthing “I don’t give a s**t” before television censors could act. The Super Bowl was broadcast to over an estimated 160 million viewers. In addition to monetary compensation, the NFL demanded that the rapper-singer provide a public apology. [Read more…]

LinkedIn Sued for Hacking Users and Spamming Contacts

Four LinkedIn members filed a stunning complaint in federal court last week,  accusing the professional social networking giant of hacking members’ email accounts in an effort to increase membership and revenues. The plaintiffs, seeking class action status, claimed that LinkedIn will surreptitiously harvest email addresses using “open” connections to email accounts such as Yahoo! Mail, Microsoft Mail, Google Gmail, and a number of other web-based email service providers. After doing so, the company will send multiple reminders to the recipients to join, ostensibly on behalf of LinkedIn members.

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Glendale Meeting Fails, Phoenix Coyotes to Relocate Imminently?

As some of you know, I’m a hockey fan – a HUGE hockey fan. As a result of my soft spot, I have followed the continuing saga surrounding the Phoenix Coyotes, formerly known as the Winnipeg Jets, and their troubled attempts to finalize a “legal” deal to remain in the desert. After reading and listening to the results of the “Cupcake Summit” between the feuding parties in Glendale,  it is clear that the Coyotes remaining in Glendale is remote. Eventually if a buyer is found, it is inevitable that it will be on terms that probably will not be favorable to the City of Glendale and high risk. Within a year or two of play, if the Coyotes are not playoff bound, the fate of the team may be sealed as well as an even bigger hole for the City. Kudos to Don Maloney for somehow fielding a competitive team on the sport’s most challenging budget. [Read more…]

Internet Brands v. Xenforo: A Lawyer’s Opinion

If you’re a webmaster running any type of social networking or community website, there is no doubt that you’ve already heard the news. Internet Brands, the owner and developer of the highly popular vBulletin forum software, has commenced a lawsuit in the UK against several former employees who are about to release a highly touted competitive product – Xenforo. As of the moment, the best information available comes direct from the vBulletin customer support forum. In short, Internet Brands alleges that employment agreements have been breached and copyright infringement and unfair competition has ensued. Legitimate claim or underhanded attempt to stifle a competitor’s big day out of the gate? [Read more…]

Lindsay Lohan Lawyer “Just Doesn’t Get It”

Yesterday I read an article where a criminal defense lawyer, who met with Lindsay Lohan, had reportedly refused to take her case because he thinks she’s deluded. Apparently this criminal lawyer “ultimately decided to take the case” as reported by People Magazine. Still the question remains… how could a long standing member of the bar betray his client by going to People magazine and shamelessly exploiting what a potential client said in the confidence of a private legal consultation? Where is the conduct committee for lawyer ethics? Perhaps all is not as it seems.

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Internet Brands, vBulletin: The Annual Maintenance Crap

My apologies – the title of this post is “Annual Maintenance Pack.” As many of you may know, I run the legal advice forum at which, since 2001, has used vBulletin software. Last year I wrote a column here in my blog, not being thrilled with a forced vBulletin version 4 upgrade fee after the option to buy updates to my version 3 software was suddenly “discontinued.” Just when I thought the situation at Internet Brands couldn’t become more preposterous, the marketing comedy returns.

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Patent Lawsuit Against American Idol’s SMS Voting

The New York Daily News reported that a Texas retiree, Edward Lyda, has sued hit TV show, American Idol, in New York State Supreme Court. Lyda apparently claims that American Idol “ripped off” his idea about using live audience voting using SMS in a television show, which is allegedly patented. [Read more…]

Palm Pre = Pre-mature For Safe Usage?

I was intrigued by Verizon’s release of the Palm Pre Plus, having been a long time Palm Treo user. Using it for my own web site and law office management purposes, it seemed that the hardware keyboard and other capabilities would be a major boon. After peeking at the WebOS, I was very impressed but had several basic questions about how synchronization and backup processes function amongst several others. After performing research, I’m wondering whether Verizon Wireless appears hesitant to promote the exclusive Palm Pre Plus, perhaps what may still be the premature release of a new smart phone for business operation. [Read more…]