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The Complete Google Nexus 5 Review (LG D820)

The Google Nexus 5 phone is a sleek enhancement of last year’s Nexus 4 model. It sports a stunning, slightly larger 1920 x 1080 full high definition screen, LTE speed, dual band WiFi support and Bluetooth 4.0. This comprehensive review of the new Nexus 5 phone includes sample pictures and video using the new camera with built in image stabilization.

Recent Legal Articles

MIA Responds to $1.5 Million Claim for Super Bowl Obscenity

Rapper and singer MIA responded to a $1.5 million damages claim in arbitration that was filed by the NFL stemming from MIA’s middle finger flip and obscenity she mouthed during the Super Bowl halftime show. The dispute is covered in greater detail, the provision of the contract is examined and comments made by MIA, her attorney and the NFL are discussed.

LinkedIn Sued for Hacking Users and Spamming Contacts

In a rather shocking complaint, LinkedIn was accused of breaching federal wiretap law and user privacy rights by harvesting external email addresses while users are logged into their own web-based email providers. It is alleged that a user’s inbox, sent messages and other email folders may be scanned for email address collection. The list may then be used later to solicit new members, crafted in a manner that suggests that the invitation comes from or with the consent of the LInkedIn member.